Stirling Tenants Assembly Committee

STA Group Dec 2019 3

The STA committee is made up of individuals from across the Stirling Council area. 

Some people represent other tenants groups, some are a Tenants Voice for their area and others are simply interested in improving the housing service. 

The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting each year in June. We always welcome new people who would like to join. If you are interested in being part of the committee then please come along to one of our meetings. 

Below you will find out a bit more about your committee members and their role in the STA.

Your Committee Members 

William Derrick - Chairperson

Mags Hughes - Vice Chairperson

Moira Robertson - Treasurer

Anna Johnston - Secretary & Minute Secretary

Hugh McClung MBE

Philomena McClung

Alex Lamb

Michael Griffiths

Richard Waddell

Kathy Brown

Duncan Faichney

Delia Waddell

Thomas Allan Brown

Robert Cairney